"Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

I know everyone has eagerly been waiting to see our "Butterfly Tree".
So for those who could not attend the retreat and see it in person,
here it is!!!

"The Butterfly Tree"

This is where our beautiful "Butterfly Tree" is housed year round. This is Karyl and Ronnie's house in Pavo, Ga. and is where the first P.o.S Retreat was held. Notice the butterflies on the house. Karyl has them on all four sides of the house, different sizes and different colors.

These are our wonderful hosts for the retreat. They opened their home
and their hearts to us and welcomed us with open arms. From the
bottom of my heart I would like to say,

"Thank you Karyl and Ronnie"!!!

So that everyone can put faces to a few of our names,

The members in the group picture:

Front Row (Left to Right):
Logan & Patty Jacobs, Carol LaBonte, Carol Pettersson, Eileen Vorbach
Middle Row (Left to Right):
Ken LaBonte, Karyl Chastain, Jan Jackson, Mary Lou Eddings, Alice Stephens
Back (Left to Right):
Lloyd Carson, Ronnie Beal, Marge Cline, Kenneth & Janice Harris, Walt Eddings

The members not in the group picture:
Nancy & Bob Pearson

POS Retreat 2000 Video:

While attending the PoS Retreat at Karyl's home in Pavo, Georgia, I
assigned myself the task of recording the event on video to allow those
who were unable to attend a record of what happened.

The raw footage I took will be edited, titled, possibly set to some music
and the finished copy will be made available to all of you.

After viewing what I took, I expect the finished product to be about 30 -
45 minutes that show our activites and another hour or so of the
Memorial Service we held on Saturday nite, where we read off all the
namesof our children and yours as we sat in front of the Butterfly Tree.

If you would like to receive a copy of this video, they can be ordered by
sending a check for $20 to:
Marge Cline
1343 North Portage
Palatine, IL. 60067

Include your name and the address the video should be sent to
PRINTED LEGIBLY.While I wish I could do this for free, I generally spend
an hour in time and effort for each minute the finished video lasts and
the price will include mailing costs as well.

I expect to have copies ready to mail to you sometime in August.

Marge Cline, Mike's mom.

© 2000 L.E.C.

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